Koboko Entertainment Family

Living For Humanity.

Koboko entertainment family

Who we are

KOBOKO ENTERTAINMENT FAMILY is a group of patriotic, responsible, responsive and dutiful persons, drawn from the South-Eastern demographic, of Nigeria, and across global Disapora.

Core Values

To learn more about our organisation and our values, please call us at +234 907 717 7111 or send us a message.

  1. Not a club, society or Political Pressure Group
  2. Not politically attached to any known political party or caucus
  3. Not known or identified by any particular state in the southeast region.
  4. Not driven by any political aspiration, interest or sponsorship of anyone harbouring a political interest.
  5. Not affiliated to, or associated with, any club, Pressure Group, politically- exposed bodies or movement.

To galvanize, through personal, selfless, commitments, the enthronement of a world, where humanity lives in relative comfort, while chasing and attaining their dreams and aspirations.

To restore the dignity of South-Eastern Nigeria, through Humanitarian Outreaches and meaningful empowerments, thereby reducing avoidable mortalities, and ensuring socio-economic growth and development, across the region.


Join the Cause.

Back to School Support

Donate atleast ₦10000 to send a child back to school!

Regional impact

Thanks to the patriotic, responsible, responsive and dutiful members of Koboko Family, there has been a burst of fresh air, into indigent, hapless, lives in “ALA IGBO”.


Pieces of clothing distributed

Meals served in 2020



Shelters provided

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It's only possible because of friends like you

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The Igba boi scheme.

The Igbo scheme forged in war creates billionaires till date.

Latest News

Updates from the Caridad

stories of change

Mr. Ibe got a Turning Point.

Ibe experienced bankruptcy for years. His business suffered a series of upward and downward trend for over 20 years. Despite his struggles, For years, Ibe still managed to survive. It was only when he participated in a Koboko Family Humanitarian event that his fortune was changed.

“I wasn’t happy with my life for a longtime. I was always miserable and going to throw in the towel. That’s when Koboko Family reached out to me and turned my life around.”

Let's Join Forces!

We're serving more. Because of you.

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”

― John Bunyan.