The happiness of others lifts above ourselves


Composition Of The Executive Committee.

Currently, the membership of the KOBOKO ENTERTAINMENT FAMILY is over two hundred and forty-seven (247), and still, counting.

This crop of members is drawn from Nigeria and South Easterners in the Diaspora.

The Executive Committee consists of the under-listed officers:

  1. National President
  2. Vice President(1st)
  3. Vice President (2nd)
  4. National Secretary
  5. Legal Adviser
  6. Treasurer
  7. Welfare Officer
  8. Social Secretary
  9. Financial Secretary
  10. Provost

The above listed offices are tenured and subject to the validation and ratification of the AGM.


Membership Principle.

The KOBOKO ENTERTAINMENT FAMILY is, unapologetically, erected on a clearly defined ideological construct.

At the core of this ideology, is a sacrificial disposition to the needy.

Consequently, those who, upon strenuous, delicate screening parameters, are admitted to its membership, are, unambiguously, held to the sacrifice of contributing to a common till, managed by a leadership (an Executive Committee) popularly appointed/ elected and ratified by the entire membership.

Periodically, Audited Accounts are articulated, and presented, to the body.

This practice of account rendition has been expanded to incorporate a holistic package of year- long stewardship, crystallizing in this Inaugural Annual General Meeting (AGM).

To be clear, the KOBOKO ENTERTAINMENT FAMILY is, first, not a conventional Social Club, burdened (as is widely evident) by “members- first” considerations and activities.

Second, the KOBOKO ENTERTAINMENT FAMILY is ideologically “blind”, to the existence of states and prefectures, as its rule of humanitarian engagement is “PAN-SOUTHEAST”.

Third, the KOBOKO ENTERTAINMENT FAMILY is intentionally non-political, to the extent of any grain of collective, organizational partisan pursuit, support, or endorsement.

Fourth, the KOBOKO ENTERTAINMENT FAMILY is patriotically committed to complying with Statutory Laws, Conventions, Rules and Regulations, as cited in the document registering, and recognizing it, by the government of the federation.


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